FEB 24 • Saturday

10:00 – 1:00 pm. Dance Studio, ARTS 100.

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Workshop with Marbles Jumbo Radio

Wrecking Walden:  a dance, a place, a tool

An improvised durational movement composition and physical space where altered and othered bodies address how we access dance. It is a practice for the knowledges in the woods of our interiors to be honored and for the injuries to the spaces around the trees to be attended.  Wrecking Walden aims to be a resource for the urgent necessities of care among us, while lifting black, brown, indigenous, queer, trans, and disabled, alterity brilliance and agency.


a dance to be with this place and its true names

for all the reverberations of how complicated it has been

for the spills of sound that come to volume

about the labor, about the contortions, about the quotidian epistemologies of enslavement to racial capitalism

and the body

in the break

in the split

in the stutter

when the landscape narratives

the ones that commemorate as in stifle, and make dead things out of living,

fall to the critical wrecking of this dance

in considering who we are

in relation to those who have always been here

FEB 25 • Sunday

10:00 – 12:30 pm. Performance Lab, ARTS 166.

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Workshop with Jennifer Miller.

Making Performance in Public Spaces

In this workshop we interrogate approaches to making outdoor performance works.  We work with movement and the voice as we interrogate the why, where and how of making performance in public spaces.  We will explore scale, volume, content, and context while rolling, pushing, pulling leaping and juggling.  The workshop stems from the work of Circus Amok, a free outdoor political circus/theater spectacle that has been touring parks in NYC for over 20 years.

2:00 – 4:30 pm. Performance Lab, ARTS 166.

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Workshop with Kareem Khubchandani.

Lessons in Drag, with LaWhore Vagistan

Dr. Vagistan, your favourite desi drag aunty, brings the nightclub to the classroom, opening up conversations about dance cultures, third world feminisms, globalization, and queer pleasures.

FEB 26 • Monday

10:00 – 1:00 pm. Dance Faculty Studio, ATHD 159.

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Workshop with Nicolás Dumit Estévez Raful.

An introduction to The Elder I Hold Dear

During this three-hour workshop participants spend time alone developing lists, notes, narratives, and simple mental sketches that help them uncover or recover the noteworthy legacies linking them to a close elder relative who has died, be it a grandmother, grandfather, godmother, or godfather, among others. All materials generated in-site serve to bring awareness of the way in which others inform who one is and hence continue to manifest themselves past their time on earth, through the use of language, gestures, and postures as performed by those who hold them dear in the here and now.

Participants are invited to use original or new objects representative or reminiscent of the elder relative whose contributions to her/his life the participant is seeking to uncover or recover. The emphasis of this experiential workshop is on performing as a channel for enacting, rehearsing, remembering, healing, forgiving and, most importantly, honoring a departed elder.

The Elder I Hold Dear develops from the solitary to the collective exploration of one’s departed elder with the whole group.  The Elder I Hold Dear relies on the potential for the performance of the day-to-day to expand one’s personal boundaries and to reveal the many legacies that are constantly shaping who one is at a given time.

FEB 27 • Tuesday

10:00 – 1:00 pm. Dance Faculty Studio, ATHD 159.

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Workshop with Fabián Barba.

 The anachronism of contemporary dance
With the creation of A Mary Wigman Dance Evening, I entered into a fully bodied investigation of the politics of time in the definition of contemporary dance. Broadly, it seemed to me that to be contemporary required to establish a distance with anything that could look historical, the mark of being non-contemporary being “to look old-fashioned” or “traditional.” Who defines this contemporaneity? Where? Upon which historical narrative  is this border drawn?
To understand how our daily practices in the studio are given (or not) a value as contemporary, we will depart from Chakrabarty’s critique of historicism as a Western conception of historical time by which cultural differences are perceived as differences in historical development. We will dwell on the question of up to what extent our understanding of contemporary dance is framed by a historicist imagination and we will consider the importance of localizing and contextualizing every possible definition of contemporary dance.

FEB 28 • Wednesday

10:30 – 1:00 pm. Dance Faculty Studio, ATHD 159.

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Workshop with Thomas DeFrantz.

Making Queer Messes: Performance and Autobiography

A workshop on modes of making and unmaking queer lives in relation to public address, performance, memory, and aspiration.  Participants construct strategies for making queer performances that intersect with identities of race, ethnicity, class, gender, location, and the failures to align these aspects of life.

MAR 1 • Thursday

10:00 – 1:00 pm. Dance Faculty Studio, ATHD 159.

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Workshop with Keith Hennessy.

Social Dancing (aka Negotiation)

Research and play, dancing together, in collaboration. Shared experimental practice in the blessings and crises of social relationships. Through a range of activities we’ll negotiate fake and real healing, touching and not touching, intentional shifts in embodiment and perspective, post/contact, unity-in-difference, and objects as mediums of exchange and identity. Responding to the new fascisms and the collapse of liberal coherence we will use the workshop as a political laboratory to research new forms of social practice-prayer-magic-ritual-dancing-performance-action. We’ll explore the tensions between provocation and care in both activism and art. Keith says, “My primary teaching/research is on the politics of relationship and how dance practices can be a laboratory for new social relations based on queer-feminist-antiracist-decolonial ethics. I tend to work mostly with duet and trio scores, improvisation, and experimental ritual.”

MAR 2 • Friday

10:00 – 1:00 pm. Dance Faculty Studio, ATHD 159.

Free. Reserve here:

Workshop with Julie Tolentino.

Tolentino works from her concept of the body as container of record, an archival practice that takes into account the raced and gendered body and history alongside the institutional space committed to laying bare the steely practice of vulnerability, persistence, and discovery as world-making. Workshop includes meditation, touch, writing, repetition and duration as instigators for movement-making.

MAR 3 • Saturday

10:00 – 1:00 pm. Dance Faculty Studio, ATHD 159.

Free. Reserve here:

Workshop with luciana achugar.

Embodied Rebellion (becoming uncivilized)

This workshop draws on achugar’s own practice developed through years of making performances as a tool for liberating ourselves from presupposed ways of being in our bodies and allowing a more liberated and utopian future self to emerge. Via this practice we investigate ways of uncovering what’s already present (but perhaps repressed or suppressed/oppressed) in ourselves, and how to create the conditions to let it manifest and appear on its own. A practice of growing a new body; a connected body; an anarchic body; a utopian body… by becoming uncivilized with a practice of being in pleasure.


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Support for the NOT FESTIVAL is provided in part by the UC Riverside Department of Dance and the CHASS Dean’s Office.