The 3RD CLASS CITIZEN was created in 2003 initially formed with a focus on dance, visual arts, and New Media. This collective was comprised of a wide range of artists from the growing Latino populations living and working in New York. The organic nature of the project allowed it to evolve and change and steadily become more inclusive. Today, its collective nature also encourages the interaction of artists, musicians, designers and choreographers from different cultural backgrounds and various media. One of the ways in which the collective has grown is the NOT FESTIVAL.

The NOT FESTIVAL is a kaleidoscopic nomadic multi-disciplinary conceptual object that embraces the ideas of global artistic collaboration and the cross-cultural, interdisciplinary attitudes. Through the presentation of the work of international and local artists and scholars, it aims to stir, excite, present and ask questions about social and political issues, contemporary creation and artistic process. It is open to anyone who is interested in becoming part of a melting pot of ideas and aesthetics. Local participating artists are encouraged to play an active role in managing and facilitating it and to use their creativity not only in their work but also in the creation of the event itself. This ambiguity, the in-between-ness and the mutually beneficial relationships among the different people involved are some of the most intriguing and fascinating features that can emerge from this experience. Thus it is Not a Festival.